iStock_000016338660XSmallThe story told to the dairy farm families behind Pacific Gold Creamery is, there is no future in small family farms. We believe otherwise and work to preserve our local family farms, tradition, farm values, superior quality and our way of life.

Pacific Gold Creamery is comprised of local family farms, where Dad, Mom and children work side-by-side. We work with love and passion to care for our cows and calves.

All of our milk is rBST free. Many of our members produce completely Hormone Free milk, a standard that goes way beyond just rBST free. We only use carefully formulated feeds by certified nutritionists, and our cows receive monthly health checkups by licensed veterinarians. Our milk exceeds all milk quality standards set by state and federal statute.

Pacific Gold Creamery families envisioned a way to preserve the American dream. Pacific Gold Creamery uses highly experienced cheese makers and dairy scientists committed to maintain the same standards we set for ourselves. We wish to pass our milk quality and passion to you. Our goal is for our consumers to experience the joy of perfection in taste, quality, health and family.