Italian Cheese

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Our Italian cheeses are hand-crafted from authentic recipes. We always dreamed of running an artisan cheese factory, now that our dream has come to life, we bring you one step closer to yours.

Fresh Mozzarella

freshmozz-2Originally from Southern Italy, Mozzarella is a fresh cheese, made in the pasta filata tradition. At Pacific Gold Creamery, we spin our fresh curd using specialized equipment from Umbria, the home of the filata method. We spin and cut (mozzare – in Italian) to create long stringy bonds that offer just enough texture “to the tooth”, like a good al dente pasta. Mixed with our Hormone Free Milk, carries the sweet milky goodness our ancestors knew as they hiked the foothills of the Mediterranean.



sliced ricotta cheese
Ricotta, in Italian means “recooked” and uses whey, the liquid that remains after straining cheese curds. We re-cook to remove the acids and leave the sweet flavors of our Hormone Free Milk. As many foodservice operators switched to frozen lasagna and ravioli in the past 20 years, the art of true ricotta was lost. Our team, with decades of ricotta making experience, recreated ricotta to balance the sweetness and firmness today’s foodservice operator needs to be successful with traditional Italian dishes.